Why iQuasar?

We Are Different And Create Solutions And Values For You

Why iQuasar?


Why Choose Us?

We are a class apart from others when it comes to meet the needs of the customer. There are many companies that have similar products and services as ours. You won’t know the difference until you work with us




Value Creation

Competence Based on Experience

Customer Centric and Process Driven

We are different

  • Our team has a strong sense of purpose, focuses on creation of shared value, and team members are deeply engaged
  • We are values driven; words like integrity, professionalism, discipline, and performance are verbs at iQuasar
  • “Customer comes first” is not a cliché and we become a trusted partner for the customer
  • We consult with our customers the way we would like to be consulted. We never reduce our relationship with a customer to a cold bottom line number
  • We shape our services and products to fit the customer need
  • We adapt our processes to meet the needs of the customer and not the other way round
  • Execution and development of processes is done in a very disciplined manner at iQuasar
  • We have the ability to mobilize skilled resources at short notice
  • Professional services practice has worked with thousands of candidates for our consulting engagements
  • Significant experience implementing software in banking and other industries; we now are an approved Google Apps reseller
  • Software development a core competence for about a decade
  • We have nurtured our business process outsourcing and proposal development practices over many years and know how to make them work
  • Managed IT services require competent and experienced people; we have assembled them to get it done for you
  • We have an excellent track record of completing projects within time and budget
  • Our business model allows us to have lower costs while maintaining quality. As a result we can offer more value to our customers
  • We extensively use tools to lower cost of delivery
  • We create value in other intangible ways by thinking from the perspective of our customers and guiding their strategy