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iQuasar Proposal Development Team has become a vendor of choice for 8a’s, M/WBE’s, SDVOSB’s, and other Small and Medium Businesses as a result of our excellent proposal development skills and outstanding winning results

iQuasar enables you to win competitive government contracts by managing a portion or all of your overall proposal development process from the initial Request for Proposal (RFP) analysis to the final proposal delivery. We enable you to take advantage of the Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC), Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), and Blanket Purchase Authority (BPA) contract vehicles you’ve already won and assist you in responding to multiple, concurrent task order proposals. We help small and medium businesses find, respond to, and win diverse government business opportunities solicited by the government contracting/procurement officers at the federal, state, and local government level.


  • “iQuasar offers outsourcing services to develop complex proposals for business and government customers”
  • “We follow our strict code of conduct, we work for only one client on any given contract opportunity”
  • “We have processes and controls for confidentiality in place to safeguard your proprietary information”

Customer Engagement Process

We help small and medium businesses find, respond to, and win diverse government business opportunities solicited by the government contracting/procurement officers at the federal, state, and local government level. iQuasar provides full support throughout the proposal development process from pre-solicitation through submission and significantly improves your competitive edge. Our proposal development process includes searching opportunities, analyzing the RFP, creating a compliance matrix, identifying timelines, creating schedules, creating outlines, developing graphics, developing proposal pricing templates, conducting Pink/Red/Gold team reviews, creating and managing document repositories, and coordinating post-proposal analysis. With iQuasar, you get access to a proposal development operation that helps you reduce your proposal preparation costs, delivers a high-quality document on your behalf, and assists you to get your next big contract. Our process of working with a client includes following steps:

  • iQuasar proposal team identifies and analyzes opportunities based on client/partner capabilities, qualifications, and past performance, and presents the relevant ones to the client point of contact with an understanding document for a bid/no-bid decision.
  • Our team helps identify win themes, discriminators, and differentiators and develops basic templates, compliance matrix, and a complete proposal development plan.
  • Based on RFP sections C, L, and M, our team develops the overall proposal structure and requirements traceability matrix.
  • We write different sections like Technical, Management, Past Performance, and Price, in collaboration with our client.
  • iQuasar proposal team assists the client in conducting Pink, Red, and Gold team reviews.
  • We ensure compliance of the proposal with respect to agency/department requirements

Practice Areas

iQuasar’s experienced proposal development team has been instrumental in enabling our customers to win competitive government contracts in an efficient and timely manner. We have an agile and result-oriented proposal development process in place which has brought accolades to our company over the years. After thorough research pertaining to the nuances of proposal writing, our team of experts has architected the standard process comprising the following steps:   


Opportunity Search

We do not wait for our clients to provide us with the opportunities to work upon. Our experienced writers first understand the nature of your business and then search for opportunities based on your capabilities and past performance. Once an opportunity is finalized we start by sharing a 2-page understanding document of that particular bid.


Proposal Writing

Our team is always in sync with the latest technologies available in the market and is capable of writing high-level technical solutions based on the information/solution provided by the technical point of contact of our clients.


Graphics Development

Our team comprises of experienced graphics designers, who not only transform storyboard sketches into high-quality graphics but also provide their innovative ideas pertaining to graphics development required in the proposals.


Proposal Review Teams

Depending on the volume of the proposal and submission deadline, our experienced proposal specialists determine the schedule of proposal reviews including Pink Team, Red Team, Gold Team, and White Glove.


Post Proposal Award Support

We offer post proposal award support in terms of developing presentations, lessons learned, and proposal debriefs.


Document Management

Our team holds expertise in managing documents like final production, graphics, past performances, and matrices related to a proposal.


CMMI Audits

Our team performs CMMI audits for our clients to maintain their expected CMMI level quality in their respective organizations and projects. Our experience includes all the process areas of CMMI Level-3.

Project Examples

  • Developed proposals for a number of U.S. Federal agencies like U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Department of Treasury (DoT), Department of State (DoS), Department of Education (DoED), Department of Defence (DoD), Department of Energy (DOE), Department of the Navy (DoN), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Drug Labeling project for U.S. Food and Drug Administration, etc.
  • Developed winning proposal responses for many IDIQ and BPA contracts like GSA OASIS, STARS, ALLIANT, SEAPORT, CIO SP3, CATS+, HCaTS, RMAS, etc.
  • Developed winning proposals for various State agencies like the Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT), Maryland Department of Health, Maryland Department of Transportation, Virginia Lottery, Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA), State Corporation Commission, Virginia Port Authority, Virginia Department of Health, etc.
  • Continuously involved in writing bid responses for US Federal agencies

Why Us?

  • Customers give us glowing reviews for the value we create for them
  • iQuasar follows gold standard practices based on Shipley Associates Guides in our proposal development process
  • We are very cost effective and typically charge a fraction of the cost that a client incurs elsewhere, providing up to 60% in cost savings
  • We have solid expertise in writing responses to RFP’s, RFQ’s, RFI’s, Task Orders, at state government, the federal government, and agency levels
  • We are nimble, responsive, and flexible in our engagement processes to meet our client’s size, scope, and scale
  • We are ethical, honest, and customer-centric

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