Large Business

Efficient Operations And Rapid Product Development






Our service offerings are geared towards small and medium businesses and range from managing computers, servers and data back-ups to hosting solutions. We build web sites, develop custom software solutions for use in the cloud and mobile devices. In addition to developing customized software for your unique business needs, we configure and implement industry grade off-the-shelf software from Google and Microsoft.

Large Business


As a trusted and accountable outsourced partner to unlock your efficiency, iQuasar works with your large size business by augmenting your existing technical workforce and helping you achieve business goals. Services include technical staff augmentation, business process outsourcing, customized software development and commercial off-the-shelf software implementation



Large Size Businesses Engage iQuasar When

  • Wanting to reduce time to market through rapid product and systems development

  • Frustrated with lack of attention from large consulting companies with inflexible processes and bloated management

  • Disappointed with having to pay for inexperienced “fresh out of college graduates” at premium consulting rates

  • Unsure about who to partner with for outsourcing non-core areas of their business

  • Unable to find lower cost software solutions for their unique business processes

  • Wanting to get temporary help for implementing their software or other technical projects




Large Business

  • Strong sense of purpose, creation of shared value and deep engagement from all involved
  • Values driven – integrity, professionalism, discipline and performance are verbs at iQuasar
  • We provide customized solutions and fit our services, products and processes to fit customer need
  • Our business model allows us to have lower costs and offer more value to our customers while maintaining the quality of our solutions
  • We always keep the business interests of our customers ahead of everything else