Program/ Project Management

iQuasar supports its customers in Government and different Commercial verticals including Information Technology, Telecommunications, Retail, and Financial Services as we have vast expertise in managing projects and programs of our clients. Our resources have worked with Federal, State, and Commercial clients like Department of Transportation & Treasury, Virginia Lottery, Federal Reserve Board, Commonwealths of VA & PA, Comcast, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Monsanto, First Data, Best Buy, and Hilton among many others. Our high quality resources have Project Management Professional Certifications and deep industry knowledge to deliver successfully on their assignments in a timely manner.

Customer Engagement Process

iQuasar follows a disciplined client engagement process, especially for its Government and large Fortune 500 clients and partner companies. The process consists of the following steps:

  • Receive client’s project requirements and analyze to determine the domain and the unique project related experience needed
  • Identify a matrix of key skills and attributes needed in resources to be deployed on the project
  • Assemble a team of iQuasar resources and brief them on the project requirements
  • Pre-screen internal resources and request the client to approve the resources that culturally fit with the extended client team
  • Set up team on-boarding and briefings on the project goals, objectives, and logistics
  • Deploy the project team and execute the program and project management functions
  • Analyze lessons learned after the engagement is successfully closed
  • Complete knowledge transfer to the client’s continuing operations team

Project Management Approach

A Project Management Plan (PMP) is an essential component of our overall approach to our program/project management work. It provides a comprehensive, rigorous, and responsive management framework for policy, procedure, and authority necessary for delivering on the project objectives. We will organize the management of each task in a manner that is aligned with the major requirements of the project. Our team provides project control, staffing/resource support, and quality control oversight. In addition, our lead program or project manager takes responsibility for the management, staffing, and technical performance of all aspects of the project. We provide reporting, scheduling, and cost analysis support to our client and work with the client’s point of contact for the task level quality control support and conduct assessment of overall contract SLA performance and other metrics.

The PMP contains our plan for executing tasks for the project and includes personnel requirements, training plans, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and other details. The overarching principles that result in our project management approach are focused on planning, monitoring and delivering products and services with constant attention to cost, schedule, and quality. These principles are the foundation on which our approach is built and are based on the proven, successful execution of hundreds of tasks and contracts. The key elements of the PMP are:

  • Understanding the customer environment
  • Understanding customer requirements, including goals and objectives
  • Developing detailed project plans (with buy-in and approval of the customer)
  • Assigning appropriate resources and providing clear direction
  • Monitoring execution for quality, schedule, and cost
  • Implementing improvements
  • Obtaining feedback from the customer
  • Executing orderly project closeout

Project Examples

  • Developed and delivered projects for a Fortune 100 Telecommunications company to launch a new line of services for its enterprise customers
  • Managed a project to consolidate 20 different portals into one customer-facing portal at a leading Cable company
  • Project managed Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) related strategy, governance, and execution roadmap at a government department
  • Developed and managed a plan for testing strategy and execution for the transformation of a large scale IT software transformation project for services delivery and support
  • Managed development of a Business Intelligence and data warehouse strategy and architecture in the hospitality industry
  • Led integration of product development organizations, products, and methodologies for two companies going through a merger process
  • Managed migration of legacy systems used for Deep Packet Inspection to newer platforms
  • Managed Remedy Software customization, deployment, and configuration for a large private company
  • Developed and managed testing strategy and execution for business support software systems transformation at a European company
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