Microsoft’s Unique Approach to Cybersecurity with New Technologies and Services

July 26, 2017 / BY / IN Blog

New technologies and services enhance Microsoft’s unique approach to cybersecurity.

By Bret Arsenault – Chief Information Security Officer

Just over a year ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spelled out Microsoft’s unique approach to cybersecurity aimed at reducing an estimated $3 trillion dollars’ worth of potentially lost productivity and growth. The approach is based on a vision of individuals, companies, organizations and governments working together to address cybersecurity. It includes Microsoft’s commitment to provide a comprehensive security platform, build out an Intelligent Security Graph and partner broadly with the industry as part of a $1 billion annual investment in security. Today I’d like to share the progress we’ve made in our cybersecurity journey and highlight several new products and collaborations that further strengthen the security portfolio we offer our customers and bet our own business on every day.

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